Green Hydrogen
from Offshore Wind

The Project

900 MW of High-Efficiency Electrolysis powered by 1 GW Offshore Wind
Up to 70.000 Tons of Green Hydrogen per Year
Up to 630.000 Tons of CO2 emissions per year avoided
Contributing to the goal of 10 GW electrolysis capacity by 2030
Supporting decarbonization of emission-intensive industries by delivering green hydrogen to national and international markets
Strengthening local technology leadership

Development Team

• Development and management of offshore wind, green hydrogen
and infrastructure projects

• Involved in numerous offshore wind projects around the globe

• Planning, production and construction of components, machinery and systems 

• Heavy steel construction, water treatment systems, shipbuilding and transport logistics offshore

• Ship Owner and Manager, Maritime Service Provider

• Heavy lift shipping, renewable energy logistics, offshore and salvage handling

• Investigation of public funding opportunities 

• Identification of potential off-takers for green hydrogen

Offshore Wind Area

Considered Areas: N16.1​, SEN-1
50 x 20 MW Turbines 
1.000 MW Installed Capacity​
Scalable to 2.000 MW
~300 km Distance to Coast

Offshore Windfarm

• 1.000 MW installed capacity, extension possible

• 15 MW+ turbines

• Monopile-Foundations

• 3.800 GWh yearly net energy production

• 43 % net capacity factor

Platform Concept

• Newest, most cost-efficient H2 production

• Stand-alone concept, no grid connection of windfarm required

• Main Platform with electrical and technical equipment, control center, etc.

• Multiple Sub-Platforms with hydrogen production, liquefaction and storage

• Scalable concept thanks to modular design

Storage and
Offshore Handling

• Liquefaction of hydrogen on sub-platforms

• Storage in spherical domes at-253 °C

• Development and building of reliable GH2 transfer technology for any weather condition from platform to offshore shuttle tanker.

Hydrogen Transport

• Dimension (L x W): 220 m x 32 m

• 100 % Hydrogen energy supply/zero emission

• Highest automation level

• GH2 transport capacity: 5.000 tons

• Two possibilities for transportation of GH2: via pipeline and/or vessel

Animation of the future

Explore the Offshore Electrolysis
with the NORTHSEA Hydrogen Farm



Energy Storage,
Grid Services


Gas Substitute


Green Fuels,
Fuel Cell Applications


Steel Industry,
Ammonia production,

Key Data Hydrogen Offtake

The green hydrogen will be sold on the basis of a long-term offtake agreement.

• Hydrogen Production amount @Port up to 70.000 tons
• Place of purchase: Wilhelmshaven, Bremerhaven

Possible Offtakers


(trains, busses,
heavy-duty traffic,


(steel industry,
fertilizer industry)

Energy Market

(re-conversion to electricity, grid balancing)

Heat Sector

(fed in natural gas pipeline)

Project Timeline

Green H2 Demand

80 TWh Hydrogen 

  [ ~2.400.000 t/H2]

200 TWh Hydrogen

  [ ~6.000.000 t/H2)

900 TWh Hydrogen

  [~27.000.000 t/H2]

Local Content

local employment
Create local
supply chain
Clean hydrogen
for local offtakers
Strengthen local economy